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Royal Thumbs Up For Our Team

Many thanks to the Christie Hospital in Manchester for arranging for our events organiser, Peter Quinn, to meet with Prince Edward, to tell him about our work and explain how we have managed to raise over £200,000 in street performances for the hospital, which is the biggest cancer treatment centre in Europe.

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Welcome to Charity Aid

United Press sponsors Charity Aid in the form of website provision and maintenance, providing a storeroom and fundraising equipment and office space and use of printers, paper, postage etc.

We at Charity Aid always give priority to local collection groups because we are more mobile and can go to different towns. Where a local collection group asks us if they can take priority with booking collections with the council we always comply and we’ll give any help or advice a local collection group requires to ensure their collection in their home town is as successful as possible. We also offer our services free of any charge and do not charge expenses if we are asked to provide singers and gear for a pub or club fundraising night.

We have singers and gear. All you need to do is provide the location and a couple of organisers at the event.

Mission Statement

  1. To encourage more people to be involved in charity work
  2. To raise the profile of the charities we fundraise for
  3. To raise the profile of charity work in the community. Outsiders may think that our top priority is to raise as much money as possible for charity. It certainly isn’t!. A fundraiser once said – “I’m not raising money – I’m selling a cause!”