A Terrific Start

Welcome to Charity Aid, a fundraising project set up by United Press and involving volunteers from all over the North of England.

At the time of making these notes our Charity Aid project has been up and running for 4 years and you can see the result of every collection we’ve held on this website. It adds up to an amazing total.

We have been collecting as Songs For Christie’s and now Charity Aid for 12 years now and have raised over £500,000. The Charity Aid project has added to our knowledge in a very big way and taught us a lot of lessons.

Originally we only collected for one charity, but we soon found that other charities wanted to be involved. When we opened the door to other charities and decided to hold regular collections for them, this really turned our idea into a major project.

Such a project brings with it its own particular problems and challenges. Fortunately, the experience we’ve gained over the last 12 years has helped us to deal with those challenges and put everything we have learned – and are still learning – to good use.

We started off Charity Aid on 1st June 2011. Since then Charity Aid has developed into something far different than we envisaged. It has been a difficult task and we have experienced bad days as well as good ones. But both our successes and failures have taught us so much.

In the first month of the project – June 2011 – we raised £2,000 but in the second month we raised £10,000.

Charity Aid has no financial targets. We are always happy with whatever we collect, but obviously we are even happier when we have successes. As Songs For Christie’s we had many successes and raised over £3,000 in one day at Bolton.

We also got very near to this total on several other days.

But we have been delighted with some of the successes we’ve had so far. For example to collect over £700 on a Sunday in Chester was some achievement. And to collect £1,488 in Preston and £1,795 in St Helen’s was quite impressive. Other surprisingly good results have been to collect £1,044 on a weekday in Bury and over £700 on a weekday in Accrington and over £500 on a weekday in Chorley.

We have also gone further afield with our collections than we did previously. For example, we collected £1,290 in Sheffield’s Meadowhall Centre, £2,947 in Huddersfield, £680 in Bradford, £649 in Halifax, over £1,100 in Leeds and we have ventured into collections at other unusual sites such as Ikea at Warrington where we collected £565. But we still badly need more volunteer collectors, drivers, office staff and singers. So if you know someone who can help us, please let them know that we are awaiting their call.