Is there a knack to collecting?

Yes there is!

The perfect collector makes eye contact, smiles and says “Thank you” when people put money in their bucket. Youngsters of 13 who may appear unfriendly and surly will prick up their ears and smile when you say “Thank you Sir”.

The feel-good factor is important and if someone enjoys the experience of giving you’ll find that you really enjoy the experience of letting them have the opportunity to give – because that’s what you’re doing.

Also please give lapel stickers freely – even if a youngster comes up and asks for one and refuses to donate. It’s worth smiling and giving them a sticker. You’ll be surprised how many come back and throw a couple of pennies into the bucket.

Don’t give change. For example, if someone holds out a five pound note and says – “Can you give me £4 back?” say “No, I’m not allowed to”.

Here is a list of useful things you may want to have with you when collecting:

  • Mobile phone
  • A flask
  • A bottle of pop
  • Sandwiches
  • Suncream
  • An extra jumper
  • Comfortable shoes

People may ask you if they can volunteer. Please say yes and take their name and number. The team leader will have a pad for this purpose. Also you could refer people to this website –

People may request more information about the charity you are collecting for. At each event the team leader will have a small number of leaflets, so you can give a leaflet to anybody who expresses an interest in the charity.