About Charity Aid

Peter Quinn - Charity Aid Chairman

Peter Quinn – Charity Aid Chairman

Welcome to Charity Aid, a new fundraising project set up by United Press and involving volunteers from all over the North West of England.

The aim of Charity Aid is to help and support well-known charities.

Our efforts will assist them in helping needy people.

There is no underestimating the contribution we can make by helping these charities. We will not only improve people’s lives, but we can even save lives.  These charities work hard to help needy people and our efforts will make it possible for them to do more work – and help more people.

Whatever your involvement in Charity Aid, you can feel that you are making a worthwhile, significant and important contribution to improving the lives of other people.

Charity Aid has been set up with the help and support of United Press – a publishing company which tries to give assistance to charities. United Press has a long record of support for charity work. Starting almost 15 years ago it has grown significantly throughout that period.

Songs for Christies in action

Songs for Christies in action

In 2003 we decided to extend our charity work by setting up a team called Songs for Christie’s. The first event held by Songs for Christie’s took place in Stretford Mall in January 2003. A group of volunteers sang whilst other people collected and the event raised over £1,500.

This inspired the team to take on more events with the help and support of United Press. In that year the team held several events and raised £11,000. The next year they raised over £20,000 and they went on to raise more than £40,000 a year. Songs for Christie’s has now raised almost £200,000.

The team needs volunteers to collect and also to handle administration. It also needs the help, support and experience of United Press.

All these things will come together to make this project not just successful – but sustainable.

Our aim is to ensure that this project lasts for many years to come.

One of the key things our volunteers provide for this project is their enthusiasm. They are part of a fundraising team which holds street collections throughout the year in town centres over a very wide area.

Songs for Christie’s has already held successful collections in many of these towns but Charity Aid has held more collections and gone further afield.

Songs for Christie’s collected as far north as Lancaster and as far south as Chester, it also collected as far west as Preston and as far east as Huddersfield.

Charity Aid collections are more regular and take in more town centres.